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Employee Benefits

As you know, good benefits play a major role in attracting and holding talented employees. A carefully considered plan is key – not only to keeping your employees happy, but to providing you with a tax-advantaged method of saving for your own retirement. There are many types of plans, and the rules are complex. Your Focus Planning Group advisor can help you determine which plan will work best for your business.

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans
401(k) Plans
Profit Sharing Plans
403(b) Plans
Defined Benefit Plans
Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP)
Solo 401(k) Plans
Third Party Actuary Work
Group Benefits
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Attracting and Retaining Key Employees
Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
Key Person Insurance
Corporate Financial Planning
What do you want to happen with your business in the event of death or disability – either yours or your partner’s? How will your retirement affect your company’s future? Do you want the business to remain in the family or key employees? A solid business continuation plan can help answer your business continuation and succession needs with a custom-tailored plan designed to protect years of financial investment in your business, and guarantee your family is well taken care of. Your Focus Planning Group advisor can help you with products used to fund different business continuation strategies, which include the following;

Business Continuation Consulting
Buy-Sell Agreements
Stock Redemption Plans
Will Review
Trust Design
Exit Strategy Planning

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