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My name is Joseph Carbone, Jr. and I’m an independent Certified Financial Planner™ professional and financial advisor located in Bayport, New York.

Since launching Focus Planning Group in 2012, I am regularly featured in top publications such as Forbes, U.S. News, CNCB, Yahoo Finance, Money Magazine, The Huffington Post, for access to these article plus many others, check out our media page.

I am also a regular contributor to U.S New’s popular On Retirement Blog.

We are very proud to be a finalist in the best financial planner category for the Bethpage’s Best of Long Island 2018.

I am obsessed with Pizza, and on Sunday’s you can find me in my kitchen making Neapolitan style pizza’s from scratch.

You can read more about me on my about page or schedule a free, 30-minute Phone Consultation. For more information about me and my practice, keep reading.

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About Focus Planning Group, LLC

We are a Bayport, Long Island based Registered Investment Advisory financial planning firm, founded in 2012.


Featured In:

  • US News
  • Forbes
  • MSN Money
  • Investment
  • Huffington Post
  • Money
  • Go Banking
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • Credit.com

We provide a refreshing twist on financial planning.

Our firm Focus Planning Group is a Registered Investment Advisor, and we are obligated to adhere to a fiduciary standard.

Simply put, we must act in your best interest.

Focus Planning Group is structured differently than most other financial planning firms.  We want to make it easy, simple, and enjoyable to work with. We take important, emotionally draining, complicated topics and break them down into simple actionable steps.

Learn more about my firm Focus Planning Group.

Servicing Long Island, New York City, my lovely town of Bayport, and clients across the country.

We are located at:

982 Montauk Highway, Suite 4
Bayport, NY 11705

My Focus as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional

I love helping people whether it’s during my day job, helping a friend pick out a turntable, or helping my daughter with her Common Core math homework — on second thought, erase that last one. I love doing those first two things.

I believe in educating people and working with my clients in a classroom-type setting. We are always learning (I say “we” because we always learn new ways to effectively communicate concepts and ideas from each and every one of our clients).

Make no mistake, however we are not just teaching, we are fully implementing our recommendations.  After all, that is why you pay us.

Why We Are Different

When we work with clients (whether new clients or existing ones) I often say there is financial planning and investment management for the classroom, and financial planning and investment management for the “real world.”

What many classrooms and articles fail to mention is how much client psychology and emotions play on making major financial decisions. This is referred to as “behavioral finance”.

Sometimes, the best strategies for some clients aren’t best for most clients. Unique strategies need to be designed for unique situations.

We are not interested in trying to look smart by using big fancy financial jargon like so many other financial planning and investment firms designed to confuse you and make the advisor seem superior. No, we are interested in making sure you understand what the heck we are talking about and implementing the appropriate strategy. It sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?

What it Feels Like to Be a Client:

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