How to Read Your Monthly Investment Summary


The Focus Planning Group monthly investment summary is a simple way to see how all of the investment accounts we manage are performing on one page. 🙂

That sounds great, Joe… Will I still get monthly statement from Charles Schwab.  Yes, of course!

If you watched my other video on How to Read Your Charles Schwab Monthly Statement or if you have ever read investment statements before.  You understand how confusing it can be to understand exactly what is going, especially if you have more than one account.

This report was born from my almost 18 years in the industry and hearing the same request from clients.  I just want a simple one page report that shows me how I am doing.

Here you go.

The monthly report serve’s two purposes; page one will breakdown the following on a family level;

• Last Month Investment Change in Value
• Year to Date Investment Change in Value
• Since Inception Investment Change in Value
• Portfolio Returns for the same time periods
• Asset Allocation breakdown between stocks, bonds, and cash

Page two is our monthly billing statement. This is not a bill for you to pay, it is a record of what fees will be deducted over the next day or so from your Schwab account(s).

As always let us know if you have any questions. 🙂

-Joe Carbone, Jr.

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