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Our portfolios combine disciplined asset allocation, objective research, and proactive management for an insightful approach to ETF investing.

The low-cost portfolios in this series offer specific risk and return profiles to meet investors’ needs throughout the stages of life, from capital preservation and income to capital appreciation and growth.

Each is built using index funds and is benchmarked against a targeted strategic asset allocation that represents the efficient portfolio over a long time period. An asset class review process guides decisions as to which asset classes to over- or underweight in pursuit of market opportunities.

Index investing can offer several significant benefits, including diversification, low costs, competitive performance, simplicity, and the potential for tax-efficiency.

Indexing: The long-term view on investing

Indexing is an investment strategy that attempts to track a specific market index as closely as possible after accounting for all expenses incurred to implement the strategy.

This objective differs substantially from that of traditional investment managers, whose objective is to outperform their targeted benchmark even after accounting for all expenses.

Innovative research from by Christopher B. Phillips, CFA, Francis M. Kinney, Jr., CFA, and Todd Schlanger of Vanguard published a whitepaper that demonstrates the average actively managed fund has underperformed various benchmarks.

You can view the full white paper HERE.

Our Portfolio Strategies

Our most straightforward portfolios include broadly diversified domestic and international equity and bond ETFs. In addition, each portfolio features remarkably low costs and the potential for fewer capital gains.

Choose from five allocation models that span the risk/reward spectrum. We offer both taxable and tax efficient models.

Asset Allocation Series Conservative 20% Stocks / 80% Bonds
Asset Allocation Series Income and Growth 40% Stocks / 60% Bonds
Asset Allocation Series Moderate Growth 60% Stocks / 40% Bonds
Asset Allocation Series Growth 80% Stocks / 20% Bonds
Asset Allocation Series Aggressive Growth 100% Stocks / 0% Bonds

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