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The Total Return Portfolio uses a “Trust Style” approach, invests in high quality, dividend paying stocks, diversified across various industries and sectors, small company stocks, international developed and emerging markets, fixed income, and absolute return strategies.

All in one simple account.

Built on the foundation and research of the following strategies;

Dividend Stock Portfolio

High quality dividend paying stocks
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ETF Asset Allocation Series Portfolios

Low cost models
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Who Should Invest in the Total Return Portfolio?

This portfolio is suitable for moderate-risk-seeking investors looking to maximize return and who are comfortable deviating from the market’s returns for long periods. The portfolio is to have similar volatility to the 60% stock / 40% bond index. The portfolio was built with downside protection in mind while providing steady returns. It is not a portfolio that is going to regularly outperform the broad markets such as the S&P 500. If you are a investor who wants to be aggressive and is looking to outperform or keep pace with the S&P 500 you would be better suited in our more aggressive ETF models.
Asset Allocation
Domestic Stocks 42%
International Stocks 18%
Fixed Income 28%
Absolute Return 10%
Cash 2%

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