Top 11 Questions For Investors

I often find that many investors do not know the answers to many of these important questions.  Here is your guide to understanding your investments;

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  1. What are the overall objectives of the portfolios?
  2. What fees are you paying?
  3. How are you measuring risk?
  4. How are you measuring Performance?
    1. Are you getting performance reports?
    2. Do you have online access to view your performance?
  5. Do you know your current allocation between stocks, bonds, and cash?
  6. Are you comfortable with the current allocation?
  7. What is your statement shock value?
  8. Do you prefer to “buy and hold” or do you want a more actively traded portfolio?
  9. Do you have a preference to what type of investments you own?
  10. Is your current firm offering financial planning from a Certified Financial Planner™?
  11. Do you feel that you are getting the attention you deserve from your advisor or institution?

If you do not know many of these answers, or have never thought about them, please do not stress.  Your advisor or custodian should be able to help.  When I work with clients or prospects I often discuss these questions early on in our process.  I also bring up these discussion regularly, because situations, emotions, and goals change.

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