Our Simple, Transparent Price Menu

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Henry Ford

Option 1. Full-Service Offering

The cost for financial planning and investment management services starts at 1% per year and goes down for every million you have invested with us at Charles Schwab.

  • First $1 Million: 1.00%
  • $1 Million to $2 Million: 0.85%
  • $2 Million to $3 Million: 0.75%
  • $3 Million to $4 Million: 0.65%
  • $4 Million to $5 Million: 0.55%
  • Over $5 Million: 0.50%

The following retirement planning projects are included.

We have a minimum of $350,000 of investable assets for our full-service financial planning and investment management services. We do not have any minimums for hourly consulting projects or our Focus On Retirement Blueprint Plan.

Option 2. Focus On Retirement Blueprint Plan

We strive for “Elegant Simplicity” by taking important, emotionally draining, complicated retirement topics and breaking them down into simple, actionable steps. While teaching you how to transition into retirement.

You will Understand

  • How to Spend Your Money in Retirement
  • How to Minimize Your Taxes in Retirement
  • When to Start Receiving Your Social Security Benefits
  • How to Leave Your Legacy

The one-time cost for the Focus on Retirement Blueprint Plan is $3,750.

Option 3. Flat Fee Advice-Only Model

After completing your Focus on Retirement Blueprint Plan, you have a few choices. Do you want to take the recommendations and implement them on your own?

Or are you looking for an ongoing relationship with a flat fee for an advice-only model (no investment management)? The annual subscription cost for our retirement planning services is $3,600 annually, broken up into monthly payments (no annual commitment required).

Option 4. Hourly Consulting Projects

You may only be interested in tackling one or two projects/topics; we offer an hourly service to get you on track. We charge $300 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments.