We provide impartial and transparent financial planning for individuals ages 55 and older transitioning into retirement.

We Believe Everyone Deserves Unbiased, Fair Advice.

Our firm is structured differently than most other financial planning firms. We want to make it easy, simple, and enjoyable to work with. We take important, emotionally draining, complicated retirement planning topics and break them down into simple, actionable steps.

While teaching you how to spend your money safely and tax-efficiently in retirement and leave a legacy.

How do we do this?

“Elegant Simplicity”

Our Independence Is Your Advantage

Focus Planning Group is a Registered Investment Advisor, and we are obligated to adhere to a fiduciary standard. We have no broker-dealer affiliations or work for a big company, i.e., bank or brokerage firm.

Simply put, we must act in your best interest.

You may ask, “Wait a minute, isn’t every firm/advisor supposed to do that?” It may sound crazy, I agree, but not every firm is obligated to act in your best interest.

For more information, check out our blog post: The DOL Fiduciary Rule: What does it mean for you?